Off the Beaten Path

One of my favorite occupations is to travel about Texas to find unique places and activities. I will attempt to share some of those locales so that others may enjoy Texas in a unique way. I will be updating this page often.

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Uncommon Objects–a collection of color coordinated awesomeness.  This is THE antique store for the cool kids. Most sections are color coordinated for a rainbow of randomness.


Curiosities–an eclectic collection of unique finds.

LuLa B’s West–ok there is an East location too, but I am partial to this location.  There are several vendors I  adore such as the Art Junkie and

White Elephant–this place is an endless mix of traditional antiques and mid-century vintage. It’s run by a cute little lady and hip, steampunk/circus type guy.  I’ll get their names in the future.  They are both very nice.


Sleeping Lizzards–I have been frequenting this shop since the 90’s. I was there when they first opened and used to sell fresh flowers.  It’s nice to see them become such a staple in Denton.  It is on my list very time I go there.

Recycled Books–My second favorite stop in Denton (I could spend hours there). A fantastic assortment of old books, local coffee beans, and vinyl (not to mention where I found the Japanese release of Aladdin Sane).


Magnolia Market at the Silos–Yes, it’s that obnoxiously cute couple, Chip and Joanna Gaines’ shop. You may have to wait in line to get in and it may be a little over-priced. It’s still worth the wait to get some great ideas for decorating.  There is also a lovely courtyard complete with corn hole, food trucks, and a garden decorated for the season.  I hear rumors they are going to have a bakery in the small building in the back. Just waiting to see what they do with those silos.


Roger’s Hotel–This cursed hotel burned down twice with the 3rd and final rendition built in 1913.  The hotel is said to be haunted, particularly the 4th floor and basement. It is no longer a hotel, but home to a Japanese restaurant and bar. It’s an beautiful building and worth a peak. I wouldn’t recommend staying the night.


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