Her Legacy

We can only hope to

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have her courage, strength and love of family


Creativity Photography Project

ImageFirst things first….what exactly is creativity?  It seems there appears to be little agreement among the experts about a singular definition.  Here is where you come in.

This a photography project which is part of my PhD study used to define ‘creativity’ as seen through individual life experience.  Please tweet, facebook, post on Flickr or email a single photograph with a single-word definition as the title for the photograph that answers “what is creativity?” The photography will be used to analyze common themes among all of the photographs for the purpose of defining creativity. The collection may be published in whole or part for the purpose of research, education and art exhibition/book as it relates to creativity.

Here’s how to post:

Twitter: @1angeebee include  #CreativityProject



Email: angie@filteredperception.com

By posting a photograph/word for this project, you are consenting to the use of it for qualitative research or art collection.  Personally identifying information (such as user name attached to uploaded picture) may be removed during data collection and in publications to comply with the research Internal Review Board (IRB) standards.


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