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Sliding Board

Man, through the use of his hands, as they are energized by mind and will, can influence the state of his own health.

Mary Reilly

One of the unexpected good things to come out of pandemic was that of rediscovery. I recently found this “sliding board” while organizing my garage. It was the first wood-working project that I made in Occupational Therapy school. It is used to slide your body from a wheelchair to other surfaces when you can’t stand. Sadly, I was in the last class at my university that was taught the handi-works curriculum.

It was interesting to observe a societal return to the activities related to craftsmanship, simplicity, and sustainability during the pandemic. Self-reliance became paramount, as well as, the need to keep the hands and mind occupied in order to maintain psychological well-being during long periods of social isolation. For me, 2020 was a personal catalyst for the rediscovery of these activities that I have long ignored due to daily busyness.

Furniture Restoration

I did quite a lot of furniture restoration in college, mainly out of necessity because all of my furniture came from charity shops. Funny enough, I quit interior design school because I didn’t enough money to build a couch. Hard lessons. I still furniture restoration here and there. I have to hunt down more photos.

Lamp Restoration

This was my first attempt at completely restoring a lamp. I learned several things not to do, but I love it. I am dying to try another, but having trouble finding a good lamp shade frame maker. Stay tuned.

Jewelry Making

I have been jewlery making off and on for 20 years. I didn’t photograph it in the early days. In 2020, I attended a metalworks class. I would like to expand my skills in this area.



This is a new hobby that I have only done a few things.

In The Kitchen

Baking is the most gratifying for me out of the culinary arts. For cooking, I grow my own herbs and some vegetables as long as they can tolerate the Texas heat. We make pasta sometimes and recruit help from any living soul around to hold noodles. My dog is master noodle snatcher, so we have to be quick.
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