Real-Time Static Gesture Recognition for Upper Extremity Rehabilitation Using the Leap Motion

Shawn Gieser, Angela Boisselle, & Fillia Makedon

Student and Faculty perspectives on creative thinking across the Master of Occupational Therapy program. 

Angela Boisselle

Peer Reviewed Publications

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World Health Organization (WHO) Global Cooperative on Assistive Technology (GATE)–Delphi Research for Assistive Products, member of the Innovation and Research groups

Research Consultant (2009-2014) University Texas at Arlington—Computer Science and EngineeringThe UTA Computer Engineering department received a NSF grant to develop a novel human centric Cyber- Physical Systems (CPS) to improve Motor/Cognitive assessment and enable adaptive rehabilitation. The total amount is about $650K. This project will research new methods and tools in motor/cognitive assessment for small children (5-8 years old) with Cerebral Palsy (CP). It will develop a multimodal adaptive game system called CPLAY that integrates multiple views of cyber and physical components, and provides an assessment mechanism of rehabilitation progression through game activity monitoring as well rehabilitation.